If God had an honest face, a troubled expression would be watching the human race.

Little Red Bird (DMB)



The issues

Our mission is to give abandoned, injured, special needs, and exploited birds a second chance and a new life through rescue, veterinary attention, and lifetime housing, compassion, and care.

Adoptable friends

Many of the animals we have provided rescue, veterinary care, and/or safe housing for have been successfully rehabilitated and are available for placement in loving, forever homes that will love them as we have loved them. For some, their time with us is the first time they experienced kindness on this earth, and so we are looking for homes that will continue in the efforts to make up for their cruel start and give them the compassion and care that they so deserve.

How you can help

There are so many ways that you can help our feathery friends! Our founder always has her hands full trying to juggle all of the ins and outs of the rescue, and would welcome many types of volunteer help ranging from assisting with animal care to managing social media sites. If you are a shelter, egg farm contact, or know of an animal in need of rescue or medical care, we would love to put our resources to work to provide the necessary veterinary attention, housing, and care. Also, donations are an amazing support in helping us cover the cost of medical expenses and daily care, and Amazon wishlist purchases help provide us with specific things that we use in our day-to-day care-taking. Thank you for supporting these lives that deserve a second chance!

Lives saved

Surgeries performed

Roosters Rescued

Hens rescued