How to donate

Donations are an amazing support in helping us cover the cost of medical expenses and daily care. Because of the types of animals that our rescue is focused on saving, we are very, very regular visitors of our vet. Many of the animals are injured or sick at rescue and need immediate medical care. The reproductive issues that ex-battery hens develop are extremely severe and surgery is almost always the only option if we want to save them. In these surgeries, some sort of abdominal mass or masses (such as a cyst or accumulated egg material) is/are removed, the resulting fluid is drained, and the little lady is spayed to prevent further problems. We feel that these efforts are worthwhile because we believe that these girls deserve so much more than the life they had to endure, and we try our best to undo the damage that no creature should have to suffer. Thank you for supporting these lives that deserve a second chance!

We are a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) public charity, all donations are tax deductible, and we do not pay wages or salaries of any kind. One hundred percent of donations go directly to rescuing, rehabilitating, housing, and caring for animals.

Our Amazon wish-list is full of things that help us in the day-to-day care-taking of our residents. Check it out!

Our gofundme account is specifically dedicated to the medical care of our current residents and future rescues. Some of the birds we recently pulled from shelters include a cockatiel suffering from a severe mycobacterium infection throughout her body, a chicken with a hernia, a pigeon with a broken leg, and a pigeon who was severely attacked and needed de-bridling and sutures. We are also dedicated to providing our ex-battery hen residents with the surgeries and care they need to overcome the reproductive health effects of their former lives.

How to volunteer

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